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Elm Books is an independent publisher based in Laramie, Wyoming. We publish romance, disability literature, children's books, and more!

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The Illustrated Phonics Booklet is now FREE on Lulu!

    In light of recent events, many schools are sending students home to maintain safe social distancing protocols. We recognize that parents with young children may have concerns about how their children's education can continue outside the classroom. In an effort to help, Elm Books is offering The Illustrated Phonics Booklet for free through Lulu. Follow this link to get your copy:

    If your children don't yet read fluently, you may find this book a useful tool for teaching them. The book provides formal instruction in phonics to help young readers learn the connection between written letters and spoken English. Use it as a supplement to reading children's books aloud together. The book is beautifully and lovingly illustrated, and formatted for tablets, phones, and other e-readers. We hope you enjoy!

From our family to yours,
Elm Books

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