Gen-E Children's Books

Gen-E Children's Books: Diverse Literature for Young Readers


by S. Michele Chen, illustrated by Leda Chung

Hong goes to Taiwan with her dad to visit her grandmother. She finds two BIG problems. First, there is an enormous beetle in the bathtub. Second, her grandmother’s noodle shop is being forced to close. What can she do?

Our first Gen-E book, Superbeetle, is a fast-paced chapter book ideal for children 5 to 10 who want a great story, beautiful black and white illustrations, and a tale that takes an American girl to Taiwan. Fun for all beginning readers! Learn more at


The Illustrated Phonics Booklet
by Jennifer Monaghan, illustrated by Virginia Cantarella

The Illustrated Phonics Booklet is a systematic introduction to all of the intricacies of the English system of letter-sound correspondences with lovely color illustrations for most of the examples. Alongside children's books, phonics instruction can help children quickly develop the skills to become independent readers.

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