Disability Fiction

Thrilling Sci-Fi Stories Featuring Protagonists with Disabilities

The future is for everyone! In these groundbreaking anthologies, Elm Books authors—including authors with disabilities and disability allies—imagine a diverse range of futures. All too often, people with disabilities are stereotyped as weak or incapable. Elm Books aims to do better, recognizing the creativity, perseverance, and diverse modes of understanding that disabilities can produce. What could be more appropriate for science fiction?

Come explore new worlds with us!


Dark Space
Edited by Leonie Skye, featuring stories by Yvette Franklin, David Preyde, Leslie Kung, Colin Stricklin, Lynn Finger, Luka Dowell, and Heather Dubois

What does it mean to be a hero with a disability in faraway galaxies, other planes, or remote futures? Meet the protagonists of Elm Books' first science anthology! A Deafblind spaceship captain chases an extraterrestrial signal into the deepest reaches of space. An autistic girl relegated to a distant moon finds herself in a community of protective machines. Cyborg soldiers pursue a mysterious thief, their malfunctioning prosthetics the only thing keeping them from death. A disabled athlete races a demon of the astral plane. In the big-money gaming world of the future, a blind private eye hunts a vicious murderer. A stowaway with a valuable mechanical arm faces death and his past. A mysophobic alien leads a mission to find food for her race. In other galaxies, on distant moons and space stations, the protagonists of these seven stories, though labeled by their societies as different, wrestle heroically with the darkest forces of the universe.


Strange Flight
Edited by Leonie Skye, featuring stories by Victoria Feistner, Yvette Franklin, Timothy Lamoreux, David Preyde, Leonie Skye, Lisa Timpf

When you get to the very end of the linethe end of freedom, of life support systems, of the world as we know ithow do you cheat fate and keep going? What mysterious portals might open onto new dimensions, what previously invisible corners be turned, what fantastical opportunities appear? How do disabilities open doors? Secure your space helmet, buckle up, and meet the protagonists of Elm Books’ second science fiction anthology, Strange Flight. Read more about it here!

"What happens in a future in which people continue to live with disabilities, mental illnesses, and neurodivergences? That question lies at the heart of editor Skye's collection, comprised of six stories featuring protagonists who live with chronic illnesses and other disabilities. ... These pieces range from stolidly cerebral to deeply emotional ... imagining hopeful futures for people with disabilities."
    -Kirkus Reviews

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