Elm Books is Reimagining Steampunk!

If you thought steampunk was just glued-on gears and fake posh British accents, you will never be so happy to be proven wrong! Sure, the 19th century was a time of exciting scientific developments, but it was also an era of great social inequality and ruthless colonial expansion. With Death in the Age of Steam, Elm Books authors are reimagining steampunk through the colonized, marginalized, and otherwise ignored voices of the time period.

Editor Jess Faraday writes, “My interest in steampunk writing arose from an argument with another writer, who said that no story could be truly steampunk unless the character were rich, white, able-bodies, Protestant, heterosexual, and male, as in the 19th century, these were the only people who ‘had agency.’ Gross historical inaccuracy and breathtakingly offensive generalizations aside, what I most took issue with was his idea that only the people on the top rungs of society have stories to tell. This is not the case, of course. We all have stories to tell.”

Death in the Age of Steam, the latest release from Elm Books, is a continuation of our “Death” mystery series. Each short story is packed with suspense and intrigue with a steampunk twist. A lady sharpshooter solves an impossible murder in the Old, Weird West, in "A Frame Most Fearful" by Emily Baird. In "The Megalodon" by Jack Bates, unlikely heroes foil the attempted sabotage of a magnificent new submersible. In far-off Jerusalem, a determined Rabbi uses logic and Kabbalah to solve a spate of mysterious murders in "Beneath the Holy City" by Edward Stasheff. "Mrs. MacAdams’s Establishments" by Yvette Franklin has a woman respectable by day and dominating by night who investigates a murder with the help of a Lovelace analytical engine. In "Blood in Peking" by JL Boekstein, you’ll find political intrigue, romantic misunderstandings, and vampires! In "Honor, Love and Photographs" by Christalea McMullin, ancient East Asian rivalries spring to life on the streets of East London. And in "Borderman H49" by Darren Todd, a peacekeeper uncovers a twisted plot to cause havoc between competing solar farms and steal the power of the sun.

Strap on your goggles, get your gears spinning, and join your favorite Elm Books mystery authors for the previously untold stories of steampunk and the weird west!

Death in the Age of Steam is available in print or e-book format on Amazon and our website.


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