Kirk VanDyke Poem: Spring Mud

In honor of National Poetry Month, we will be running poems by Elm Books authors.  Today a short piece by Kirk VanDyke from his hatred of one's fascination with an idea of wilderness coming soon from

Spring Mud

spring mud the snow only left in crevices
wind from west has a memory of past months
limestone flats a muddle skinned spotted growth
something youth left millennia ago
town below in ordered gridline-
somewhere out there our friends run courses
circular job regularities in angled projections
their efforts our lives continuance
while out here we look over barbed wire containment
imagining their minds work in familiar patterns
below, far below in that ordered gridline
slight variations from the identical
their voices heard yelling in gusts
whispering in momentary calm
this is me you us ours, this is


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